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Ford Trucks continues its European growth in France

Ford Trucks boasts 60 years of heritage and unmatched engineering expertise in the sector. As it moves into the French market, a key market in Europe, its growth shows no signs of slowing down. Speaking at the Solutrans 2021 launch in France, Ford Otosan’s General Manager Haydar Yenigün had this to say: “With the Ford Trucks brand, our robust growth plans for Europe are moving forward at top speed. Last month, we moved into Europe's largest heavy commercial vehicle market, Germany. And now we’re excited to step into the French market - Europe’s second largest. From 2022, we plan to serve customers across 25 locations through the F-Trucks France brand, a venture from some of the most well-established brands in the French automotive industry and commercial vehicle segment.”

Ford Trucks is continuing its rapid growth in the strategically important French market. This follows the appointment of distributors in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany.

Ford Trucks plans to be present at 25 points by 2022 in France, which has a key position in Europe as a strategic market. During the launch, Ford Trucks delivered 60 of its 'ITOY - International Truck of the Year' award-winning vehicles to the Combronde Groupe, one of France’s most important logistics fleets.

F-Trucks France, appointed distributor of Ford Trucks, is a joint venture with Groupe Maurin, Groupe DMD and Groupe Amplitude, which are among the most well-established names in the French automotive industry, and it has been formed to establish Ford Trucks’ presence in the country.

Haydar Yenigün: “France will play a key role in our European growth strategy.” 

At Solutrans 2021, Ford Otosan General Manager, Haydar Yenigün, described how proud the company is to be moving into Europe's second largest heavy-duty trucks market after Germany:

“Through our engineering expertise and superior R&D, we now produce trucks and operate in over 40 countries worldwide. Winner of the 2019 International Truck of the Year (ITOY) award, the F-MAX continues to be one of the most important symbols of our production power, engineering capabilities, design, technology, and vehicle development skills. After receiving the ITOY award, we accelerated our growth plans as a result of the high demand for the F-MAX from Europe. To meet this demand, we’ve established a presence in Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg, as well as the Polish, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Spanish markets. In recent weeks, we stepped into Germany, Europe's largest heavy-duty trucks market. Now, we are proud to partner with our distributor F-Trucks France to move into the French market which is Europe's second largest heavy-duty trucks market and France will play a key role in Ford Trucks' growth plans.”

Ford Trucks' goal is to expand to 55 countries by the end of 2024

Ford Trucks, manufactures and develops vehicles for more than 40 countries around the globe. Its international growth shows no signs of slowing, despite the pandemic. Ford Trucks aims to achieve permanent growth across the whole of Europe and plans to expand its global operations to 55 countries in the next 3 years. After receiving the 2019 International Truck of the Year (ITOY) award, Ford Trucks has brought forward its growth plans with the high demand from Europe for the F-MAX. After establishing its presence in Poland, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain and Italy in 2019, it is now also able to serve demand in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. The company aims to expand its global growth to 45 countries by the end of 2021 and to 55 countries by the end of 2024.

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